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Steve House thanks Global Rescue after medical evacuation

Posted by Global Administrator on Fri, Jun 25, 2010 @ 16:06 PM

Renowned alpine climber Steve House reflected on his life-threatening 80-foot fall in a post on the American Alpine Club's blog recently, and took a moment to thank the tireless work of Global Rescue's medical staff at the Canadian hospital and during his medical evacuation back to Oregon.

"On my second morning in the critical care ward at Calgary's Foothills Medical Center we called Global Rescue and that same night a Global Rescue paramedic arrived and immediately began helping us make sense of the complicated diagnosis of my extensive injuries: two pelvic fractures, seven fractured vertebrae, nine fractured ribs (3 were pulverized) and a collapsed lung. I was reliant on the Global Rescue medic's help, as I could do little clear thinking with all the pain and exhaustion that comes with such injuries.

"As my healing progressed, Global Rescue's medic was already thinking ahead, working out the best way to get me home to Oregon.

"Global Rescue not only got me home as efficiently as possible, they repeatedly made the best decisions for me as a patient. For that I am forever grateful."