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Global Rescue provides worldwide advisory, field rescue and evacuation services, in both medical and security emergencies. 

  • Field Rescue from point of illness or injury, no matter how remote
  • Evacuation to the home hospital of choice
  • Services provided up to $500,000
  • 24/7 advisory services from medical and security specialists
  • Medical oversight from specialists at Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Paramedics deployed to member's bedside
  • Memberships start at $119



The 2012 Global Rescue Story Contest

Earlier this year, we asked hunters from across the world to share their stories. Using the theme "I lived to tell the tale", we asked hunters to describe a time when they most needed a Global Rescue membership. We have been blown away by the number of submissions, as well as the stories themselves.

From plane crashes to diamond smuggling operations, to minefields and snake bites - hunters often manage to get themselves in some hair raising situations! 

With so many great stories, our judging panel of Jim Shockey, Ivan Carter and Barbara Crown had a difficult time choosing a winner and we would like to extend a big 'thank you' to everyone that took the time to send us their story. 

The winner, Robin Siegfried, receives a Family Medical and Security Membership ($1,155) and a years subscription to The Hunting Report ($103.99). Also, below is the Runner-Up and 4 stories we felt deserved an 'Honorable Mention'.


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Born To Live - Robin Siegfried (Winner)

2012 Global Rescue Story Contest
Robin Siegfried Hat

It was day one of the hunt. October 8, 2001. I was wearing my lucky cowboy hat, traveling with a group of executives from our company, mostly from Tulsa, Oklahoma. We were headed to Lake Mollet near Kuujjuarapik, Quebec, Canada for a Quebec-Labrador Caribou hunt.

A Dangerous Detour In Central African Republic - Fred Williams (Runner-Up)

2012 Global Rescue Story Contest
Fred with trackers

I should have known that it was going to be a bad trip by what happened in Paris. I met Ken Barr 18 years ago when we were assigned as Yurt mates for a Chinese blue sheep hunt in Tibet. We became good friends, and when he booked a bongo hunt in Central African Republic (CAR), he bugged the hell out of me to go along. He knew I had not been successful on three prior trips to CAR in my quest for giant forest hog and yellow back duiker. My wife did not want me to go to CAR again since I nearly drowned in the Bodinge River there during trip number three, The Safari From Hell! Sweet talker that I am, she finally agreed.

Mind the Minefield... - Elaine Crittenden (Honorable Mention)

2012 Global Rescue Story Contest

The last thing I envisioned for myself that summer was discovering that I was in the middle of a 30-year old minefield with no one near enough to hear any calls I might make. For obvious reasons, no one would be going to that particular beach for an afternoon of sunbathing. So, how did I get in such a situation?

A Rough Day In Mozambique - Garry Gray (Honorable Mention)

2012 Global Rescue Story Contest
Gin Trap

I've been hunting in Africa for 14 years, but two years ago my good friend, Mark Haldane with Zambeze Delta Safaris, recommended I purchase a Global Rescue membership. Mark is a very level headed guy who wants the best for his clients, so I decided to take his advice and join Global Rescue. I hoped it was a waste of money, of course, but I soon found out that no international hunters should be without a membership.

A Cold Night In The Woods - Ron Schumlick (Honorable Mention)

2012 Global Rescue Story Contest
Ron Schumlick

My story is true, and it starts on a cold day in November, 2011 when I took Jim, a client of mine, into a remote part of my whitetail hunting area that is only accessible in the latter part of November. Due to the muskeg and creeks you have to cross to get into this area, I seldom see another hunter. My whitetail/black bear hunting area is in Saskatchewan, some three hours north of Saskatoon.

A Snake Story To Remember - Brian H. Welker (Honorable Mention)

2012 Global Rescue Story Contest

My crazy story happened mid-year 2007, but I need to tell you a bit about myself before I tell you what happened. I have always loved animals of every kind. As a kid, my backyard looked like a zoo because my dad built me so many cages for critters. As I got older, my love for animals stayed with me. In fact, it morphed into a fascination with exotic reptiles, amphibians, fish, and fur-bearing critters. I even adopted a pet deer, which I still have today. The reptiles I collected included both venomous and non-venomous species.

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